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Today, we have come up with a success story of Varun Namboodiri who has cleared NIACL AO Phase1. With the prevailing cut throat competition he has managed to achieve his goal with great practice and hard work. He gave every NIACL AO Phase 1 tests twice as mentioned by him. Reading his success story shall make every aspirant feel motivated.

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Previous Experience with Banking Exams and the Results!

I cleared NIACL AO Phase 1.

Preparation Strategies for English, Quant, Reasoning, Current Affairs & General Awareness.

Since I was a Convent school student and my mom was an English teacher, I always have had a command over the language. But still I would suggest you to read a lot. Read The Hindu newspaper daily, especially the editorial section. It will help you a lot.

We at PracticeMock offer series of such Editorial Difficult Words which highlights the difficult words/phrases and their meanings.

Quantitative Aptitude

For Quant do practice a lot from JEE prep books. Know your formulae and short cut tricks thoroughly. Do by heart important ratios, squares, cubes etc. since these small small things would help you save time for calculations. Practice those lessons you think you have a command over. DI is a must since that would fetch you good marks.

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Logical Reasoning

As for LR practice is the only way. Never go for set questions since those can consume your time unless and until you are good at it. Always target single questions that will surely fetch you 1 mark. Keep sets for the end.

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What was the strategy you adopted in preparing for the exam? What was your study schedule? What were the major hurdles you overcame

Below mentioned is the strategy that I adopted:

1.) Give as many test series as you can.

2.) Repeat the same tests again after a week or 2.

3.) Know the previous 2 years cut offs and always aim to score at least 10 Mark’s more than the previous year cutoff.

4.) Compete with yourself and always try to improve.

5.) Revise the papers you have solved, analyse your strong points, your mistakes and reduce them with every next exam you give.

How PracticeMock helped you?

1.) PracticeMock is actually in line with the actual exams.

2.) I gave every NIACL AO Phase1 tests twice.

This is the success story of Varun Namboodiri. We hope reading such success stories shall make all aspirants feel inspired. Here is a list of success strategies to keep you motivated.

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