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SBI PO Mains will be taking place on Jul 20, 2019, which leaves you with only 10 days of preparation. We sincerely hope that you would be putting the best of yourself in terms of preparation for this exam. After all, there are only 2,000 vacancies for this coveted SBI PO profile for which around 20,000 aspirants will be called. And all of these 20,000 aspirants have already shown their mettle by clearing Prelims. This simply implies that you need to show the best of your performance and for that, you need to utilize these 10 days very selectively.

Practice, Analyze, Repeat

It goes without saying that practice is the key to success in this exam. Start practising via Mock Tests and see how well do you perform over there. Take some time to analyze your performance in the below metrics:

  • Your Rank & Percentile
  • Your Weak Areas & Strengths
  • Topics where you took unusually high time
  • Comparison of your performance with that of the topper

After doing this analysis, it obviously becomes clear to you which areas do you need to improve upon. Start taking out some extra hours and put extra efforts to do more practice on questions of those topics. Also, introspect on the topics which are taking more time. Revise the concepts and see where is the gap. Keep monitoring your performance with the help of your rank as you keep taking Mock Tests. And at the same time check how far is your score with that of the topper.

Repeat all of these steps when you take a Mock Test.

Take 1 Mock Test Per Day

All the steps mentioned above are extremely important for your preparation. When you take a Mock Test, you go through the experience of taking an actual test in a controlled environment. This puts you at ease, increases your confidence and makes you ready when you go for the actual test. We recommend you to take 1 Mock Test per day in these remaining 10 Days. With the analysis done on a continuous basis and corrective action taken on the feedback, you will be ready to ace the exam. 

Less Time, More Questions

With 155 questions to be solved in 180 minutes (there is separate timing for each section), you will most likely be running short of time. To make the most of this situation, it is imperative that you pick the easy & moderate questions first and solve them. Later, if time permits, you can solve the difficult questions. Try this strategy when you take Mock Tests and see how much it benefits you.

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Wishing you good luck with your preparation!

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