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With SBI PO Mains just 2 days away, we are bringing to you a sample essay and letter so that you get an idea of structuring the content and other important points like grammar, clarity on the subject etc. We hope you are aware that both the essay and the letter have their own word limits. Structure your ideas in such a way that you don’t exceed the limit. Also, when writing, keep checking the word-limit on a frequent basis and adjust your sentences accordingly. Ending the essay abruptly because of shortage of words will not leave a good impression. Read the Tips & Topics for the Descriptive Section of SBI PO Mains. Let’s have a look at the sample essay & letter now.

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China: A potential threat to India

It is rightly said that you can choose your friends but you can’t choose your neighbors. India and China share a massive borderline with each other and several skirmishes have happened in the past, some of which got escalated to full-blown wars. Additionally, the animosity between India and Pakistan is not hidden from anybody and China has been openly supporting Pakistan in terms of finance and weaponry. All these factors make the relationship between the two most populous countries of the world a really complicated one.

[It is extremely important to have a good introduction. Start with a quote or some facts but don’t explain the topic once again as it may not be a proper utilization of words.]

The infamous 1962 war really deteriorated this relationship which was followed by Nathu La clash. The latest in this series was Dokalam stand-off. China has amassed high-tech arms & ammunition and has considerably more defense budget when compared to India, not to suggest that Indian defense is incomparable, it’s just a tad less. Another aspect is the manufacturing industry where China stands as a formidable competitor to India. So China becoming a threat to India can’t be ruled out.

[Please note how facts have been pointed out with reference to defense and manufacturing industry in the body.]

But one shouldn’t forget the fact that the trade between the two countries touch billions and is most likely to grow in the future. Since the current account deficit of the trade is in China’s favor, China would still require India’s support and may not indulge in unnecessarily being a threat to India from this perspective. The recent Doklam stand-off has also shown that neither of the country straightaway wants a war.

[The essay has a logical conclusion backed with facts.]

Write a letter as a principal to the parents telling them about the importance of parents in children education.


St. Xavier School

19, MG Road,

Bangalore- 560001

Nov 14, 2018



Mr. Arvind Sinha,

21-F, Richmond Road,



Dear Mr. Sinha,

Subject: Regarding parents’ role in their child’s education

It is with pleasure that I’m writing you this letter to inform you about your role in helping your child achieve a good education and making the most of it in his future. It is said that “Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents”. While the core education of your ward is something which is dealt with by us at the school, I seek your help in making his educational journey more comprehensive and fruitful. Push the child to ask questions about his surroundings and help him understand the logical reason behind them. This would make your child inquisitive and will help him immensely in his long educational journey.

Thanking you,

Priyansh Gowda


St. Xavier’s School

Hope these samples help you in getting an idea of dealing with this section. Remember: You need to maximize your score in this section as the marks of this section will be taken into consideration for preparing the final merit list. Take a Free Mock Test of SBI PO Mains on PracticeMock App. Wishing you all the best for the SBI PO Mains.

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