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Preparing for General/Financial Awareness sections of any exam can be tricky and with SBI Clerk Mains Exam a month away it is important that you take this section seriously and start preparing for it if you haven’t yet started already. We wish to remind you that General/Financial Awareness sections has 25% weightage and consist of 50 questions in total, which needs to be solved in 35 minutes. This section can be a tricky piece to prepare as there is no fixed syllabus that you may refer to. In order to hone your skills particularly for GA section on a daily basis, download PracticeMock App and attempt current affairs quizzes daily. However, at the same time it can also help you score well provided you approach this section smartly. Hence, before we get into the tips for preparing this section, let us look as some of the possible topics that you should be looking at.

Suggestive topics to be covered for General/Financial Awareness section:

Below are the few topics that we suggest you to look into while preparing for General/Awareness sections for your SBI Clerk Mains Exam 2019. Although, this may not be an exhaustive list but then the questions in exams generally revolves around these.

Current Affairs
  • Current Affairs National and International
  • Indian Economy
  • Basic Economic terminologies
  • Award and Honours
  • Books and Authors
  • Recent appointments in various government organizations
  • Schemes announced by central/state governments recently
  • Sports news
  • Information about important organization like the RBI, SEBI, MCA, and other regulatory bodies.
  • Structure and Functions of RBI Electoral Bonds
  • Credit rating agencies, both national and international
  • FDI limits in various sectors
  • RBI monetary policies 2019 and any other announcements made by it
  • News related to Mergers and Acquisitions and Buyouts
  • Important Financial Terms
Static Affairs
  • Indian Finance System
  • General Knowledge related to Banking
  • Important Banking Terminologies
  • Information about NBFCs and how it is different from any other banks
  • BASEL guidelines
  • Information about organizations like NABARD, Planning Commission, Finance Commission, World Bank, etc.
  • Economic/ Financial terms & concepts such as, GDP, GNP, PPP, HDI, Inflation, WPI, CPI, IIP, SLR, CRR, Repo rate, Reverse Repo, Bank rate, Mutual Funds, Open Market Operations, Money supply, Reserve Mortgage Loan, Priority Sector Lending, NEFT, RTGS, Banking Correspondence agents, Bancassurance, Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana
  • BASEL norms and GST
  • Assets, liabilities and working capital of a bank;
  • India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves
  • Balance of Trade and Balance of Payment
  • Finance and Railway Budget 2019, Companies Bills 2013 and any recent important amendments in it
  • Stock markets and bond markets
  • Primary markets and Secondary markets
  • Financial Inclusions and various initiatives towards it


How to prepare for General/Financial Awareness section?

We are sure you would now be wondering how to prepare for this section. Well, you may follow the below mentioned points to prepare for the General/Financial Awareness section and along with it you can surely give a Free Mock Test for SBI Clerk Mains.

  • Read at least two newspapers daily, with one mandatorily being a financial newspaper. The financial newspaper can either be The Economic Times or Mint or Business Line or any other financial newspaper of your choice. Spending about 15-20 minutes on each newspaper should be sufficient.
  • PracticeMock’s 500+ CA questions will be really helpful for your General Awareness preparation as it is a compilation of current affairs of few months together. We strongly suggest to go through these revise the PDF thoroughly.
  • Bazooka is our free monthly edition which is well curated for all major banking, government and insurance exams. Download this monthly bulletin and make your preparation even more easier.
  • Besides the newspaper and magazine, you should also watch news for about 15 minutes every day as it may help you be aware of the current happenings of the world.
  • In case you have time then you may refer books on General/Financial Awareness by Arihant Publishers. However, we still believe that the best resource for preparing for this exam is newspaper, magazines and news channel.
  • Download PracticeMock App for daily Current Affairs Quiz updates. Attempt topic-wise quizzes on a daily basis.
  • We understand that there can be no end to the preparation for this section, hence we suggest that you first focus on covering the last 6 months current/static affairs.
  • Ensure that you are aware of the Budget 2019 as it was the most recent things. In this, you should focus on learning the important facts and figures pertaining to the schemes announced. This blog has all key highlights of the budget 2019

Take a free mock test pertaining to this section every alternate day as it will not only help you in gaining confidence for the exam but also make you aware of current/recent happenings in the world. Make sure that while appearing for even a free mock test for SBI Clerk Mains you time yourself.

Finally, it goes without saying that this section is important as it can actually be a differentiating factor between you and your competitors and can reserves a berth for you in the final merit list if you do well here. Hence, taking this section lightly will be a big mistake you will be making. Also, as we already mentioned earlier, this section can be tricky but can be cracked with a little bit of smart study. So, pull up your socks and start investing at least an hour and half daily in preparing for this section.

We hope this article was helpful to you and wish you luck for your exam. Also, Download the Latest Version of PracticeMock App and practice topic-wise quizzes daily.

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