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We have come up with the difficult words of The Hindu’s editorial today which discusses the India-US trade hostilities. Check-out the usage of words like zero out, trade deficit etc. and enrich your vocabulary. Have a look at the words and their usage:

Actual Usage




India and the U.S. must work to halt trade hostilities urgently hostilities acts of overt warfare But among Venezuela’s beleaguered opposition movement, hostility to the idea of a military intervention has slowly eased.
The revocation of the GSP, which was first extended to India in 1976 as part of a global concession by the U.S. to help developing countries build their economies, will be a blow to Indian exporters, and the biggest in a series of measures taken by the Trump administration against India to reduce its trade deficit. revocation The state of being cancelled Jeremy was concerned that there would be a revocation of his license after he was pulled over for speeding for the third time this month.
On the matter of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, he spoke directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on at least three occasions, demanding that India zero out tariffs to match U.S. rates on Indian motorcycles. zero out to remove something New legislation will zero out further funding for the project.
In retaliation, India proposed tariffs of about $235 million on 29 American goods, but has put off implementing these five times in the past year in the hope that a negotiated trade settlement will come through. retaliation counter-attack The Congress has threatened retaliation if they do not comply.
put off Hold back to a later time He keeps putting off going to the dentist.
The latest deadline expires on March 1. India has also attempted to address the trade deficit with purchase of American oil, energy and aircraft. trade deficit a situation in which a country imports goods worth more than the value of the goods that it exports. The US trade deficit grew to just under $30 billion in the third quarter.
There have been dozens of rounds of talks between officials over the past few months, but no breakthrough. breakthrough an act or instance of moving through an obstacle The latest concert incited a breakthrough in the talks between the region’s leaders.
U.S. officials say the decision on data localisation for all companies operating in India, and the more recent tightening norms for FDI in e-commerce have aggravated the situation. aggravated make worse They’re afraid that we might aggravate an already bad situation.
Both sides should work towards calling a halt to trade hostilities and speed up efforts for a comprehensive trade “package”, rather than try to match each concern product by product. call a halt To order the end or stoppage of something Stop all printing—the boss has called a halt to this project!
India must keep in mind that the larger, global picture is about U.S.-China trade issues, and if a trade deal with the U.S. is reached, India could be the biggest beneficiary of business deals lost by China. beneficiary an individual who gains something As the billionaire’s only beneficiary, Cheryl will receive the entire estate.


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