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With only 6 left in the National Housing Bank exam, we hope that your preparation would be going on in full swing. Keep taking mock tests on a regular basis until Feb 19 to ensure that you are at the peak of your performance. NHB exam is falling on Apr 21, 2019, and has a component of a descriptive test of 25 marks. This test will be of 30 minutes duration and comprises of 2 parts viz. Letter Writing & Essay Writing. Please note that the descriptive test is of qualifying nature and aspirants just have to secure the minimum score. Evaluation of Descriptive Test paper is subject to candidate attaining minimum marks in Objective Tests.

We’ve already posted an article on NHB- Essay Writing. In this article, let’s have a look at some tips on letter writing:

Tips on NHB- Letter Writing

  • Start writing a letter on an alternate day basis. Use some facts & figures to make it impressive. It will improve your writing skills and update you with the basic knowledge of different topics.
  • Since you need to write the letter on a keyboard, you need to do enough practice typing on a computer. You may get a keyboard which may be a little rough as compared to your sophisticated laptop’s keyboard.
  • Before starting with the letter, spare a minute to structure it.
  • Avoid using very complicated words just for the sake of using it. Use a complicated word only if it fits very well in the context
  • The topics of letter writing will be a combination of formal & informal ones. Choose a topic about which you know more than a difficult one.
  • Use your creativity when writing the letter. Even formal & informal letters could be made interesting.

NHB- Letter Writing Topics

  • Write a letter to a newspaper editor telling him about the importance of voting in General Elections.
  • Write a Letter to your friend encouraging and advising him to plan his own start-up
  • Write a letter to the bank manager requesting him to block your credit card as you’ve lost it and ask him to issue you a new card.
  • Write a letter to the bank manager to share an innovative idea on File management system in banks.
  • Write a letter to the newspaper editor on how to stop crime in your city.
  • Write a letter to your old teacher to thank him/her for making you a good human being.
  • Write a letter to your parents telling them about your success in your job and about your new life in a new city.
  • Write a letter as a principal to the parents telling them about the importance of parents in children education.
  • Write a letter to a news editor and tell them about the selfie-menace.
  • Write a letter to your Branch Manager regarding a non-credit of an amount deposited in ATM.
  • Write a letter to the Editor expressing your concern over the impact of irrelevant news through social media.
  • Write a letter to your sibling advising on stress and anxiety.
  • Write to an author thanking for authoring a book on ‘fighting depression’

Sample Letter for NHB

Write a letter to the Editor expressing your concern over the impact of irrelevant news through social media.


408 B, 2nd B Main,

Muthiyal Nagar

Bangalore- 560054

Apr 12, 2019



The Editor,

The Times of India,

21-F, Richmond Road, Bangalore-560025

Dear Sir,

Subject: Regarding the Impact of Irrelevant News through Social Media


With due respect, I want to point out that general elections are around the corner and this is the juncture where the sensitivity of people increases to a great extent. Political leaders while giving speeches, may sometime speak on a burning issue to gain political mileage and any small issue/ conflict could snowball into a major issue.

On top of that, people forward and share sensitive news on their social media without checking the authenticity which could evoke unnecessary tension and complicate situations. My humble request to people is to double-check every news they receive on social media before forwarding it. I wish we have a peaceful and participative election-season.


Thanking you,

Yours sincerely

Nikhil Kumar


We hope that this article comes out helpful in your preparation. Let us know in the comments below if you have any suggestion for us.

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