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After a great deal of anticipation, the online exam for the Grade A i.e. entry level officer position in one of the prestigious Financial Institutions i.e. NABARD took place. The overall level of the exam was easy-moderate. Continue to read for in depth section-wise analysis of the exam.

Reasoning Section

This section was easy.

  • 9 questions from Puzzles (There were no seating arrangement questions)
    • Month based Puzzle
    • Floor based Puzzle
  • 2 questions from Data Sufficiency (2 statements based)
  • 4 questions from Syllogisms
  • 2 questions from Inequalities
  • 3 questions from Order and Ranking

English Language Section

This section was moderate as unlike last year there were 2 RCs.

  • 19 questions from 2 Reading Comprehensions
    • 10 questions on RC related to Improvement of Agricultural Productivity in Developing Countries (3 Synonyms/Antonyms Questions)
    • 9 Questions on RC related to Sleep Disorder (2 Synonyms/Antonyms Questions)
  • 6 questions from a Cloze Passage Set (The set was related to Labour and Industry)
  • 5 questions from Error Detection (Spotting two errors in a single sentence type)
  • 5 questions from phrase replacement
  • 5 questions from fillers (Single blank)

Quantitative aptitude Section

This section was easy.  Let’s have a look at the topics from which questions were asked.

  • 10 questions from 2 DI Sets
    • 6 Questions from Pie Chart + Tabular DI
    • 4 questions from caselet
  • 5 questions Number Series (Missing)
  • 5 Word Problems (1 each from Time and Work, Mixtures, Partnership, Equations and Mensuration)

General awareness Section

The section was easy. All the questions in this section were related to Current Affairs. Most of the questions from the last 4 months. No Static GK questions appeared. Some of the questions are as under:

  1. Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor (male)? – Rami Malek for Bohemian Rhapsody
  2. Who is the chairman of LIC? M.R. Kumar
  3. Exercise ‘MITRA SHAKTI VI’ held between India and which country? Sri Lanka
  4. Who is the new Union External Affairs Minister? – S. Jaishankar
  5. Which country launched the ‘Raavana-1’ satellite? – Sri Lanka

Computer knowledge Section

The level of Computer Knowledge section was also easy. Most of the questions were related to Mail Protocols, MS Office, Primary and Secondary Storage, Search engines etc.

economic and social issues (esi) Section

The Economic and Social Issues Section was moderate. The section was dominated by questions related to Central as well as State Government Schemes. Some of the questions were as follows:

  1. In ‘MUDRA’ R stand for –
  2. Solar Charkha mission is related to –
  3. In interim Budget 2019-20, what is the outlay proposed in ‘MGNREGA’?
  4. State identified for cashew nuts (Agri-expo zone)
  5. National sample survey Office comes under which department – Ministry of statistics and programme implementation
  6. Saurya Jalnidhi scheme under which 5000 solar pumps distributed on subsidies price, associated which state – Odisha

Agriculture and Rural Development (ard) Section

The Agriculture and Rural Development Section was also moderate. There were questions from crops, soils, weather, Rainfall and Schemes. Some of the questions were as follows:

  1. Premium under PMFBY for Rabi and Kharif Crop – 1.5% & 2%
  2. What is the full form of PMKSY? – Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana
  3. Leading pineapple producing a state in India- Assam
  4. Sickle Horne buffalo is which type of breed – Surti
  5. Full Form of APEDA – Agricultural & Processed Food Products Export Development Authority
  6. What is the Ph value of Alkaline soil? 7-10

Overall, this paper is quite doable if you have been taking our Mock Tests. Many questions of General Awareness, Computer Knowledge, ESI and ARD were there in our mock tests. Let’s have a look at the number of Good Attempts:

  • Reasoning: 14-15
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 15-16
  • English Language: 24-26
  • General Awareness: 16-17
  • Computer Knowledge: 15-16
  • ESI: 25-28
  • ARD: 24-27
  • Overall: 135-143

Wishing All the Best to aspirants of upcoming slots!

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