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10 Days to go for IBPS SO Main

IBPS SO Main is on Jan 27, 2019, leaving you only 10 days for preparation. It’s obvious that this remaining duration should be the apex-point of your preparation. The competition is intense for 1,590+ vacancies and so should be your preparation. Assuming that you are already through with all the basic concepts and have done enough practice, we suggest you to start taking mock tests to get into the warming-up mode (if you haven’t already). Mock tests are the perfect tools to assess your preparation and let you know your weak areas for you to put extra effort on.

Take 1 Mock Test per Day

The benefits of mock tests are manifold. Not only they replicate the actual tests in aspects like no. of questions & their difficulty level, interface, and time limit, you also get an insightful report once you’re done with the test. This report incorporates several inputs like your weak areas, questions where you spent unusually high time on, questions you answered incorrectly etc. With these inputs, you can burn the midnight oil to improve on your weak areas. Also, as you keep taking a number of mock tests, you get confidence in answering questions in a controlled environment. This confidence will definitely be a little helpful in your actual exam.

Take the 1st Mock Test Free

A majority of the platforms which offer mock tests, provide the first mock test free. Take the first mock test today (Marketing / IT / Agriculture) itself to get an overview of your preparation. You also get to know your rank and percentile in each of the mock tests. If you continue working on your weak areas, you will definitely see your percentile increasing as you keep taking mock tests. If you like the quality of the first mock test, you can buy the complete package.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a now or never moment for IBPS PO Main 2019. Start taking the mock tests and strike the hammer when the iron is hot.

Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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