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RRB PO Mains is 24 days ahead. The importance of general awareness is of prominent importance in this exam. Apart from other sources, newspapers are one important resource you shouldn’t ignore. For one, they get you the latest update on a range of topics and they get you the opinion of subject matter specialists on topics which are important to the nation. These opinions help you in creating a mindset and help you keep yourself updated on answering current affairs questions asked in RRB PO Mains 2019.

Are you complaining that you don’t get time to read newspapers? Well! Reading newspapers doesn’t just help you in general awareness section, it also helps you in other sections. Regular reading helps you get a good reading speed which helps you in getting a marginal edge in all the sections as you take little time to read. It also improves your vocabulary and writing skills. It is advisable to take out 1-2 hours of your time and start reading newspapers.

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Not everything needs to be covered in a newspaper. You need to filter and focus on those newspaper articles which will be important in your upcoming exams. You have to be selective and don’t have to waste time on articles which are not important to make the most of your precious time.

When you read a newspaper, keep a pen and notebook handy and highlight all the articles in the newspaper which belong to either of the below categories:

  • News of national importance
  • News of international importance
  • Economic news
  • Sports news
  • News related to science & technology

Once you are done with highlighting the relevant news, you need to analyze and summarize each article. Write the below in your notebook for each of the highlighted articles:

  • A quick summary of the news (what happened)
  • Where (affected geographical locations)
  • When (timeline of the news)
  • Why (Reason it happened; root cause analysis)
  • Facts & Figures (important data related to the news)

For eg. let’s have a look at the news on the recent news of RBI’s transfer of Rs 1.76 lakh crore to the Central Government. On reading this article, you are suggested to make a note as below:

  • Three different funds that together comprise RBI’s reserves: Currency and Gold Revaluation Account (CGRA), the Contingency Fund (CF) and the Asset Development Fund (ADF). The CGRA is the largest amongst these.
  • The government countered that the RBI had reserves far in excess of what the global norms were and, so, should transfer the excess. It further set up a committee under Bimal Jalan to look into this and based upon the recommendations, the transfer was made.
  • Date when the transfer was made: Aug 26, 2019
  • Committee’s Recommendation: RBI should maintain a Contingent Risk Buffer — which mostly comes from the CF — of between 5.5-6.5% of the central bank’s balance sheet. Since the latest CF amount was about 6.8% of the RBI’s balance sheet, the excess amount was to be transferred to the government.
  • While it does not immediately do the RBI any harm, the fact remains that the central bank now has far less wiggle room in the event of a financial catastrophe, since its reserves have been emptied to their minimum levels or thereabouts.

Handwritten notes help you in memorizing fast Notes if made in this manner, will definitely aid you in an effective revision. Not just this, reading editorials and opinions of different subject-matter specialists on a regular basis will help you in the exam of RRB PO Mains 2019.

Let us know if you have your own unique way of reading a newspaper. We wish you all the best for your preparation!

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