Hardly 9 days to go

The date when IBPS RRB Office Assistant prelims would be conducted is approaching fast. Nothing else should matter to you now except practicing on a consistent basis. Prelims is more of a rejection test than a selection test as tens of lakhs of applicants apply for some thousand vacancies. And it is for this reason that you need to outshine the competition by putting all your efforts into taking mock tests on a regular basis. Your job doesn’t end just by taking a mock test. You also need to review the analysis provided and focus on what you can do on the highlighted weak areas.

Mock tests come into the picture

The importance of mock tests can be best told at this point in time. These 9 days should be utilized to take mock tests and it is okay to take 2 mock tests in a single day (after all one mock test is only for 45 minutes). Remember that you should start with the other mock test only when you have reviewed the analysis of the prior mock test you took. Reviewing incorporates checking the questions you did incorrectly and working on the weak areas. Consistently working on your weak areas will definitely improve your score. You should also keep a watch on your rank as provided in the mock test analysis. Knowing your position amidst other test-takers is always good.

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A strategy is important

There will be a total of 80 questions to be solved in 45 minutes without any sectional time limit. Since each question is of 1 mark, a smart strategy is to get maximum marks in minimal time with high accuracy. Also, don’t take any question on your ego which looks difficult. If any question takes more than 1 minute, it’s better to skip it rather than wasting the opportunity of solving more than one easy questions. Divide your time in such a way that you get an opportunity to read all the questions. You shouldn’t skip a question. Easy questions which left unattended can make or mar your chances of qualifying for mains.

On and one day before the D-day

Avoid any mock test on the day before the exam. Taking any mock test at this point in time will serve no purpose. Of course, you can revise formulas and concepts but try to have a relaxed and composed day. Be ready with the below as well and don’t keep anything for the last minute:

  • Admit card
  • A photograph (same as that on the admit card)
  • Original ID proof and its photocopy

We wish you all the best for your exam!

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