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There are only 4 days left for IBPS Clerk Prelims. We hope that you are practicing vigorously and leaving no stone unturned. We have come up with a series of 3 Warm-Up Tests for you to practice more. Practice is of paramount importance in this exam and your speed is what will matter. Please remember that the result of prelims is just a gateway to the mains exam and will not play any role in the final selection. The number of aspirants is in lakhs for this exam. And this intensive competition is only for 7,275 vacancies.

A Strategy for the Quantitative Aptitude section

The quantitative aptitude section has 35 questions needed to be solved in 20 minutes. Since speed is of utmost concern, it is very important for you to analyze all the questions in the quantitative aptitude section quickly and pick the easy ones. And because the easy & difficult questions carry the same marks, it makes sense to capitalize on extracting as many marks as possible from the easy questions. Not only will it help you in clearing the sectional cut-offs, but it will also boost your overall score as well. We have categorized the generally asked topics as per their ascending levels of difficulty.

First Round

In the first round, start with number series, approximation, simplification, equations comparison, and easy data interpretation sets. Please remember that there will be some difficult questions hidden amidst these questions. You need to quickly identify & solve the easy ones and skip the difficult ones. Ideally, if a question takes more than a minute, it should be skipped.

Second Round

Solve word problems and easy data interpretation sets in the second round.

Third Round

Move on to difficult data interpretation sets.

If after solving all the three rounds, you are still left with some time, rush to the difficult questions of the first round and likewise.

Try adopting this strategy when you take the Warm-Up Tests and see how well do you perform.

Quantitative Aptitude Tips for IBPS Clerk

Here are some tips to make the most of this section:

  • Keep practicing 1 sectional/mock test in exam-like conditions to be at the top of your game until a day before the exam.
  • Be thorough with the concepts of percentage, averages and ratio. Practice their shortcuts in such a way that questions on these topics should be solved without picking up the pen.
  • Memorize the square, square root, cube and cube root of numbers up to 30.
  • Practicing approximation beforehand will come much handy in the actual exam, especially in questions related to Data Interpretation sets (when there is a considerable difference between the options).
  • Prelims tests your skill of walking on a tightrope where on one side you have speed and on the other side you have accuracy. You need to have a perfect balance of both especially when there is a negative marking of 0.25.
  • Be prepared for any surprise whether it is in the form of questions or pattern. If it’s new for you, it’s new for a majority of other test-takers. Don’t lose confidence and try to figure out what the question is asking.

We hope this article would help you in getting a really good score in the Quantitative Aptitude section. Keep practicing and we wish you all the best for your exam.

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