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IBPS Clerk Prelims is approaching soon and to be precise there are just 5 days to go for the exam as it is scheduled on 7th Dec, 2019. IBPS Clerk 2019 recruitment notification was released on September 12th mentioning 12075 vacancies. If you have any doubts related to IBPS Clerk 2019 exam then here are the detailed FAQs which you can go through.

As far as IBPS Clerk Prelims exam pattern is concerned, by now all must have checked it several times and have also prepared accordingly. Now the time is such that one must leave all preparation aside, however should start focusing on revision & practice. Revision is the key for any exam and last-minute revision sometimes really works and if done well can actually do wonders. Until now we have been guiding the aspirants through the detailed section-wise preparation strategies, however with this article we are here to guide all the aspirants by sharing some last-minute tips for the upcoming IBPS Clerk Prelims 2019 exam.

It is quite natural for the aspirants to feel nervous and anxious however if you have a well-planned strategy in hand then you shall leave no stone unturned. With a total of 3 sections to attempt including Reasoning, English and Quantitative Aptitude there will be sectional timing as well. 20 minutes has been allotted to each section thus, aspirants will have to speed up in order to get it done on time.


Last Minute Tips for English Section

  1. Start with the topic you are most confident about. For instance, if you have decent reading skills and have a decent vocabulary then it is suggested to start with the Reading Comprehension.
  2. Be thorough with the grammar rules and it’s time to brush it all up once again.
  3. Go through the notes if you have taken any during your English preparation.
  4. During this revision time one can go through cloze test and Para jumbles again in order to increase the overall performance.
  5. Daily quizzes can be attempted.

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Last Minute Tips for Quantitative Aptitude

Questions in this particular section are usually calculative thus requires both speed and accuracy.

  1. Start revising questions related to simplification and approximation and then further move onto Data Interpretation and Number Series.
  2. Try to attempt questions first in which you are sure of its accuracy and correctness.
  3. Memorize/ Revise all short tricks that can save your time
  4. Practice daily quizzes and review them
  5. Practice mock tests in these remaining days

Last Minute Tips for Reasoning

  1. Revise short tricks and focus more on accuracy and time management.
  2. Carefully attempt puzzles and seating arrangement questions.
  3. Start revising easier topics first including blood relations, syllogism, alphanumeric series and direction sense etc.

General Last-Minute Revision Tips

  • Too much stress at this point in time is not recommended. However, it is advisable to revise few basic things including tables, squares, cubes and basic grammar rules etc.
  • Question selection should be wisely done as this will certainly help you to score better. Start with those topics that are less time-consuming.
  • Start doing questions first in which you are most confident.
  • Maintain speed and accuracy. Don’t stick to a question for long if you are not able to crack it.
  • Create a checklist of all-important topics and start revising them one by one.
  • Though, not much time is left but practicing mock tests always help. So, keep taking mock tests and not only giving a mock test is important but analyzing the same is equally important. Analyzing a mock test reveal your strong and weak areas well. It will also tell you your All India Rank.
  • No section should be left and one must pay attention to all sections equally.
  • If prepared any study notes beforehand, its time to revise all those.
  • Create a plan or if created then stick to it as consistency really matters and it will help you to get the best out of you.
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These are few last-minute tips to be followed, though nothing can help an aspirant better than his hard work. But still sometimes these small tips can do wonders. At this point in time the only thing that may work is practice as much as you can without taking much stress. Wishing you All the best for your exam!  

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