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IBPS Clerk Mains was conducted today (i.e January 20, 2019). The exam was held in single shift only. The exam was of moderate level. Here in this post, we are providing General Awareness, GA Questions asked in today’s exam.

Overall the paper was of moderate level. We have tried our best to provide actual questions asked, however, if there are any discrepancies kindly let us know through comments.

Also, tell us how many marks you are scoring in the GA section through our comments & whether our compilation of 500+ GA questions helped you or not.

Any input on how to improve these 500+ GA questions compilation are most welcome.

GA Questions asked in today’s exam:

Q. 1 Khelo India youth games are being held in? . (Q. 105 of our compilation)
Q. 2
Aron finch is from which sports?
Answer: Cricket (Australia)
Q. 2
Damadam lake is in which state?
Q. 3
Mahanadi river originates from?
Q. 4
Paytm starts SIP with what amount?
Answer: Rs. 100
Q. 5
When is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking Day observed? 
June 26
Q. 6
World Economic Outlook report is released by?
Answer: I
Q. 7
GST return is filed _____ for turnover above 5 crores?
Answer: Quarterly
Q. 8
Tejas is manufactured by?
Answer: HAL
Q. 9
IBA chairman is? (Q. 467 of our compilation)
Sunil Mehta
Q. 10
World T20 for women was recently held in?
West Indies
Q. 11
Fourth pillar of smart cities is?
Network Connectivity, Effective Mobility, Cyber Resilience

Q. 12 At present what is the reverse repo rate? (Q. 117 of our compilation)
Q. 13 
Jan Dhan Darshan initiative was launched by? (Q. 567 of our compilation)
Minister of Finance
Q. 14 
FSSAI Eat India movement had which ambassador?
   Raj Kumar Rao
Q. 15 
Bond – I was launched by? (Q. 499 of our compilation)
World Bank

Q. 16MD and CEO of HDFC bank?
Aditya Puri
Q. 17 P
MJDY bank overdraft limit is increased to? (Q. 384 of our compilation)
Rs. 10K
Q. 18 I
ndia Australia military exercise name?
Pitch Black
Q. 19 
Recently Cardless payment was launched by? (Q. 436 of our compilation)
Airtel Payments Bank
Q. 20
Who was the head of the committee that suggested merging of banks?
Finance Minister (Arun Jaitley)
Q. 21
What is the minimum capital for Small Finance Bank?
Rs. 100 crores
Q. 22
What amount of notes returned during demonetization? 
Q. 23 I
ndia has pledged to reduce its emissions by 35% by?
Q. 24
What is the validity of a cheque?
3 months
Q. 25 
What was India’s rank in the Asia Pacific Heritage rank?
Answer: 2

Q. 26
According to 2011 census child – sex ratio?
Q. 27 
First Thermal Battery Power Plant started in which state?
Andhra Pradesh
Q. 28 
Difference between export and import is called?
Answer: Balance of Trade
Q. 29
Tennis player Angelique Kerber is from which country?
Answer: Germany
Q. 30
Name the book which was given golden Manbooker Prize? (Q. 533 of our compilation)
Answer: The English Patient
Q. 31 As per RBI how many branches minimum for having Banking Ombudsman? (Q.443 of our compilation)
Answer: 10
Q. 32 
Stan lee died recently he was from?
Comic Writer from America
Q. 33
2019 BRICS summit would be held in?
Q. 34 
1973 Forest movement is called?
Chipko movement
Q. 35
Recently WIPO organized Global Digital content market at?
New Delhi
Q. 36
What is the CSO estimate for GDP in  FY – 19? ( from our compilation, rating table)
Answer: 7.1%
Q. 37 Ramon Magsaysay award winner?
Answer: Bharat Watwani
Q. 38 Under RBI, LRS scheme all residents are allowed to freely remit up to ____per financial year.
Answer: 250000 US dollar
Q. 39 Minimum MSP for Kharif crop would be at least?
Answer: 150%
Q. 40 Where would be this years academy awards distributed?
Answer: Los Angeles
Q. 41 Which bank recently approved Country Partnership Network with India? (Q. 366 of our compilation)
Answer: World Bank
Q. 42 Where is Pubilc Affairs Center (PAC) is located at?
Answer: Bengaluru
Q. 43 Which bank won Rajbhasha Kirti Award? (Q. 386 of our compilation)
Answer: PNB
Q. 44 IRDAI has increased the minimum insurance cover for the vehicle to? (Q. 365 of our compilation)
Answer: Rs. 15 Lakh
Q. 45 UNDP publishes which index?
Answer: Multidimensional Poverty Index
Q. 46 As per CSO national income is estimated to rise by what percent in FY-19?
Answer: 11.1%
Q. 47 Recent Public Enterprise Survey was released by?
Answer: Department of Public Enterprise
Q. 48 PCR is a which type of registry? (Q. 61 of our compilation)
Answer: Digital

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