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The IBPS CLERK MAINS Exam 2017 was held yesterday (21.1.2018) and we have gathered the general awareness questions asked in the exam from reliable sources. Comment below if you are aware of other questions that we might have missed out on.

1) Who is the current Vice Chairman of NITI AIYOG?
ANSWER: Rajiv Kumar

2) Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which state?
ANSWER: Chhattisgarh

3) Who is Lekh Tandon?
ANSWER: Indian filmmaker and actor

4) BD Mishra is the governor of which State in India?
ANSWER: Arunachal Pradesh

5) Which is the first Indian state to start adjournment online?
ANSWER: Rajashthan

6) Hand in Hand Bilateral exercise is held between?
ANSWER: China and India.

7) Sanjeev Stalin is associated with which of the following game –
ANSWER: Football

8) Bharatiya Reserve bank Note Mudran press located in which of the following cities?
ANSWER: Salboni & Mysore.

9) JRD Tata sports memorial situated in which city?
ANSWER: Jamshedpur.

10) In 2017, Economic Nobel prize was awarded to whom?
ANSWER: Richard Thaler

11) The headquarters of UCO Bank is situated in-
ANSWER: Kolkata

12) What does A stand for in FATF?
ANSWER: Financial Action Task Force

13) The Banking, Which helps to improve single person’s financial needs?
ANSWER: Commercial / Retail banks

14) Initial coin offering is done for which process?
ANSWER: new cryptocurrency venture

15) SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organisation) summit 2017, held in which country?
ANSWER: Astana, Kazakhstan.

16) Tenure of call money-
ANSWER: 1 to 14 Days

17) Who regulates microfinance given by NBFC?

18) What is the capital of Austria?
ANSWER: Vienna

19) Balphakram National Park is in?
ANSWER: Meghalaya

20) Winner of China Open Singles Men Title
ANSWER: Rafael Nadal.

21) Ukai dam Situated at which state?
ANSWER: Surat, Gujarat

22) Who is heading the committee for China relationship?
ANSWER: Shashi Tharoor

23) Interest Risk is a type of?
ANSWER: Market Risk

24) Full form of CAGR-
ANSWER: Compound Annual Growth Rate

25) 3rd International Conference on Yoga held in which city?
ANSWER: New Delhi

26) Dhirubhai Ambani Solar Park is situated in?
ANSWER: Rajasthan

27) Savings and Current ratio is known as ______?

28) What is the full form of LAF?
ANSWER: Liquidity adjustment facility

29) Which city is hosting the 48th Conference of Governors?
ANSWER: New Delhi

30) Kisan Credit card facility not given by______?
ANSWER: Payments Banks

31) What is the Full form of MPC?
ANSWER: Monetary Policy Committee

32) What is the full form of GDR?
ANSWER: Global Depository Receipt


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