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We have once again come up with the 10 trickiest words used in today’s editorial of The Hindu discussing “Growth prop: On RBI repo rate cut” and sincerely hope that this series of articles is helping you with your word-power as well as keep you updated on the current awareness. Let’s have a look at today’s list which contains words like “calibrated tightening”, “undergirding” etc.

Actual Sentence




Barely four months after the Reserve Bank of India switched its monetary policy stance to one of ‘calibrated tightening’, signalling interest rates were set to trend higher, it has reversed direction. calibrated tightening Raising interest rates in response to changing economic indicators (such as inflation increases, GDP growth, etc)
With Consumer Price Index-based inflation having continued to slow and projected to stay well below the medium-term target of 4% till at least the October-December quarter, the MPC saw an opportune moment to pivot to a growth-supportive stance. pivot to twist Can a brand built for the male gaze pivot to respond to female experience instead?
That there is a need to bolster economic momentum is evident from the RBI’s downward revision of the forecast for growth in the first half of the next fiscal year. bolster support and strengthen It was a convincing argument and was further bolstered by the speaker’s reputation.
The projection has been lowered to a range of 7.2-7.4%, from 7.5% posited in the RBI’s December statement, as moderating global growth and slowing overseas demand add uncertainties to the prevailing domestic imbalances. posited put in position During the theory’s heyday, proponents posited multiple possible mechanisms for the expanding Earth.
With an overall shortfall of 4% in rabi sowing across various crops, and storage in major reservoirs at just 44% of the full level, the slowdown in farm output growth may, worryingly, end up being more protracted. protracted relatively long in duration In the Senate there was a protracted struggle.
The less-than-sanguine outlook for the rural economy is also reflected in the high-frequency indicators of the services sector. sanguine optimistic They are less sanguine about the company’s long-term prospects.
Data on sales of both motorcycles and tractors in December underscore weakening demand in the hinterland. hinterland A remote and undeveloped area The hinterland of Liberia has been but slightly explored for mineral wealth.
This weakness in the farm sector is undergirding the unprecedented softness in food prices. undergirding Make secure underneath The third factor undergirding sturdy alliances is mutually beneficial transactional ties.
While the RBI’s inflation calculus clearly benefits from the ongoing trend in price gains, the MPC is justifiably cognisant of the tenuousness of the assumptions it has made for its forward projections. cognisant showing realization We are cognizant of the impending problem.
tenuousness lacking significance The cultural and historical links between the many provinces were seen to be in a state of tenuousness.
Importantly, while it has assumed a normal monsoon this year, the central bank acknowledges that any variation in geographic spread or uneven distribution in terms of time could roil the inflation outlook. roil be agitated The collapse of the mortgage sector has roiled markets.
One must assume that the central bank will resume normal service on providing salutary caution to the government after the coming general election. salutary Tending to promote physical well-being The accident should be a salutary lesson to be more careful.


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