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The line demarcating the boundaries of two countries is called a boundary line. There have been big or small skirmishes between different countries on the issue of boundary lines. And boundaries between different countries are named in accordance with treaties, agreements or historically important facts. Questions based on boundary lines are important in nature because of the sensivity they possess. Let’s have a look at the list of important boundary lines and what countries are they associated with.

Important Boundary Lines between Countries

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S. No.

Name of the Boundary Line


1 Marginal Line  320 km line of fortification on the Russia-Finland border
2 Line of Actual Control  India  & China on the Northern Border
3 Line of Control  India and Pakistan
4 Durand Line  Afghanistan and Pakistan
5 Radcliffe Line  India and Pakistan (its includes Bangladesh Line)
6 Blue Line  Isreal & Lebanon
7 Purple Line  Israel and Syria
8 Green Line  Israel and its neighbours (Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria)
9 Mason–Dixon Line  Maryland and Pennsylvania/Delaware in Colonial America
10 Curzon Line  Poland & Russia
11 Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or Armistice Line  North Korea and South Korea
12 Mcmohan Line  India & China
13 Maginot Line  France & Germany
14 Mannar Haime Line  Russia & Finland
15 Order Neisse Line  Germany & Poland (aftermath of World War II)
16 Hindenburg Line  Poland & Germany (at the time of First World War)
17  Sigfried Line East  France & Germany (at the time of Second World War)
18 16 Parallel North  Angola and Namibia
19 17th Parallel Line  North & South Vietnam
20 20 Parallel North  Libya & Sudan
21 22 Parallel North  Egypt & Sudan
22 25 Parallel North  Mauritania & Mali
23 26 Parallel North  Western Sahara & Mauritania
24 31 Parallel North  Iraq & Iran
25 35 Parallel North  US it serves as border between Tennessee/Mississippi, Tennnessee/Alabama, Tennesse/Georgia, North Carolina/Georgia
26 36 Parallel North  In the US it forms the southernmost boundary of the state of Missouri with the State of Arkansas
27 38 Parallel North Line  North  & South Korea
28 40 Parallel North  US it serves as border between Nebraska & Kansas
29 41 Parallel North  US it forms the border between Wyoming/Utah border, Wyoming/Colorado, Nebraska/Colorado.
30 42 Parallel North  US it serves as border of New York & Pennsylvania Border
31 43 Parallel North  US it serves as border of between State Nebraska & State of South Dakota
32 45 Parallel North  US it forms the boundary between Montana & Wyoming
33 49 Parallel North (Medicine Line)  USA & Canada


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