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FCI Phase II was conducted today (Jul 27, 2019) and we are ready with its section-wise analysis. Overall, the paper was easy to moderate with Reasoning & Numerical Ability sections being moderate while the remaining 3 sections (i.e. English, General Awareness and Computer Knowledge) were easy. Let’s have a look at the topics from which questions were asked in different sections.


This section was moderate.


Topic No. of Questions

  • Circular Puzzle of 8 people with likes of different comic characters
  • Floor based puzzle with 4 floors and 2 flats facing east and west directions
  • Linear Seating Arrangement facing north
  • Puzzle having 7 people with their respective city’s name & age
Order & Ranking 3
Syllogism 4
Blood Relations 3
Miscellaneous 2
Total 30


This section was easy.


Topic No. of Questions
Reading Comprehension (Topic: environmental effects of computer centers being installed in Ireland) 5
Filler 2
Sentence Rearrangement 5
Error Spotting 5
Idioms 3
Total 20

Numerical Ability

This section was moderate as well.

Topic No. of Questions
Data Interpretation

  • 1 DI with 2 Pie Charts having info on the number of employees (5 questions)
  • Tabular DI with 4 clubs & details of male & female visitors (5 questions)
Data Sufficiency 5
Word Problems (Partnership, Profit & Loss, Mixture etc.) 5
Total 20

Computer Proficiency

This section was easy with questions on topics like shortcuts, internet, hardware, etc. Some questions are: What does Ctrl + N shortcut do?, 1 question on LAN, Which isn’t a search engine,  Which isn’t an output device, Layers in OSI Model etc.

General Awareness

Questions in this section were easy and were asked from the current affairs of the last 6 months. Some questions are: Indian Women Hockey Team’s Achievement, 1 question on ONGC surpassing IOC in terms of profit, 1 question on the author of the book “My Life My Mission”, 1 question on Ajit Doval’s reappointment, 1 question on  MS Dhoni getting Padma Bhushan, etc.

Good Attempts

  • Reasoning: 23-25
  • English: 13-16
  • Numerical Ability: 13-16
  • Computer Proficiency: 14-17
  • General Awareness: 22-25
  • Overall: 89-94

We are sure that this analysis will be useful to the FCI aspirants.

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