Basic Info about the Essay/Letter Writing Section

One of the sections of IBPS PO Mains is the descriptive test which includes writing a letter and an essay. If you haven’t started its preparation, the right time to start is now as only 17 days are left in the exam. There will be 2 questions which will bear 25 marks in total and these 2 questions need to be answered in a total of 30 minutes. You will be given 3 topics of essays & 3 topics of letters to choose from. The essay topics which have been asked in the past years were generally related to banking/finance, society or technology. Coming to letter writing, the topics will be a combination of formal & informal essays (most likely 2 formal and 1 informal topic).

Skills which are Tested

This test differs from the objective tests in the sense that you need to pick up your keyboard and type content instead of clicking on options. Your articulation and communication skills come under the scanner. These skills play a very important role here. It’s all about writing your thoughts in a way which appeals to the reader. You don’t have to be a great writer but try to do your best. It is advisable that you start writing an essay and a letter on an alternate day basis. Not only will it improve your writing skills, but it will also update you with the basic knowledge about different topics. You can get lucky if you face a similar topic in the exam. Another skill you should be well-versed with is the selection of words. Don’t use very complicated words unless it fits very well with the context.

Some Tips for this Section

  • Before starting the essay/letter, spare 3 minutes of your time to give it a structure. Make a note of different headings you would like to incorporate.
  • Ensure that in your daily practice, you input some facts and figures. If you encounter a similar topic in the exam, this will most likely impress the examiner.
  • The purpose of an introduction is to make the audience familiarize with the topic and to lay down the foundation on which essay’s body would be constructed. You may like to make the introduction interesting by including a quote.
  • Don’t unnecessarily bluff about the subject. Write only what you know.
  • Be informed that you need to type the content on a keyboard. Do adequate practicing beforehand. There also may be a probability that the keyboard you get in the exam is not that sophisticated which you are used to and some keys may be difficult to press. So please be ready for this situation as well.
  • Take a stand (for/against) if the topic asks you to and provide valid arguments.
  • Choose a topic about which you know more, than a difficult one.
  • When writing a formal/informal letter, don’t just write it for the sake of it. Use your creativity aptly. Don’t hesitate to put fact & figures in letters as well.

We hope that keeping these tips in mind will definitely help you score more in this section. Also, remember to practice writing essays/letters on an alternate day basis. Nothing will help you more than practicing it. Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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