Few days left for IBPS PO Mains

With the IBPS PO prelims result declared today, it is high time that you should pull up your socks for the mains preparation. We have come up with this article to help you sail past the English section smoothly. It’s obvious that the level of this section has become difficult if we consider the question papers of past years and of other banking examinations. The questions for sure are difficult for everyone, but those who practice consistently until the last leg definitely score more.

In this section, there are 30 questions which should be answered in 20 minutes. Obviously, you have to be a genius to solve all the 30 questions accurately in the given time. And therefore you have to maximize your score in the minimal time by making a strategy. Well! The IBPS PO mains will be held on Nov 18, 2018, leaving you only 18 days for the preparation. Let’s first have a look at some tips you should definitely follow in this period of 18 days.

Take a sectional test of the English section on a daily basis

Solve a sectional test of the English section on a religious basis until the exam date. If you’re already taking mock tests, you can skip this and rather practice some questions on different topics on different days starting with a couple of RCs, Para jumbles, cloze test and likewise. The analysis of mock/sectional test on a daily basis is very important as well. It helps you find your weak areas, give you detailed explanations of the questions you answered incorrectly and also tells you which section did you spend an unusually high time.

All this feedback helps you improve your performance. The analysis also provides you with your rank so that you know how much more effort you need to put to be in the top slot. Mock/sectional tests are also helpful in planning a strategy. It’s in these tests where you can check out how different strategies and select the one which benefits you the most.

Read a good newspaper on a daily basis

Spare 25-30 minutes on a daily basis to read a good newspaper. It will improve your reading speed and will aid you in improving your vocabulary. Who knows! If you’re lucky enough, you can encounter a passage of the same topic in the actual exam about which you have already read beforehand.

Plan a Strategy

When taking mock/sectional tests, try the below strategy and see if it benefits you. We have classified a majority of topics in three rounds. The purpose of this strategy is to solve easy questions first and capitalize on their marks and then move on to the relatively difficult questions. In the first round, you can prioritize Non-RC based questions like antonym/synonym and vocab based questions and vocab based RC questions. In questions related to synonym/antonym read the preceding/succeeding line try to see if you get the sense of the word. In the second round attempt grammar based questions like Error detection, Sentence correction, Phrase correction etc. Finally, in the last and third round go for non-vocab RC based questions, para jumbles and para connectors.

New types of questions

Don’t get anxious if you encounter any new type of question. A majority of aspirants would be as unprepared for it as you are. Rather, try to find out what the question is looking out for and then answer the question.

This is all we had to say. Make the most of these 18 days. Wishing you all the best for your mains exam!

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