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With just less than three weeks left for the EPFO Assistant prelims exam, we hope that by now you would have completed most of your preparation and would be focusing more on revising concepts, solving previous year’s papers and taking mock tests. Considering the fact that the exam will be testing you on three areas, namely, Reasoning Ability, Numerical Ability and English, it is important that you plan your strategy smartly so that you can successfully crack this exam. In order to help you in your preparation, we have come up with a 20 days Study Plan that might help you in your preparation for the EPFO Assistant exam. Apart from following this, we also recommend that you take mock test daily as it will not only enhance your preparation but also ensure that you get to know about your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can work upon them. Take a Free EPFO Assistant Mock Test.

Below is the 20 days Study Plan which you may follow for preparing for EPFO Assistant 2019 exam.

Day Reasoning ability Numerical ability English
1 Distance, Direction, Order and Ranking Number systems (HCF/LCM) Basic Grammar Rules / Tenses
2 Coding and Decoding Percentage, Profit and Loss Reading Comprehensions
3 Number Series Simple Interest and Compound Interest Change of Voice and Spotting the Error
4 Alphanumeric series Ratio & Proportions One Word Substitution
5 Seating Arrangement (Single and Multiple Row, Directions facing – North/South) Partnership Sentence Joining
6 Average, Mixture and Allegation Idioms and Phrases
7 Blood Relations Speed, Distance and Time (Boat / Train) Synonyms and Antonyms
8 Syllogism Time and Work Para Jumbles
9 Analogy Clock and Time based Cloze Test
10 Statement and Course of Action Simplication and Approximation Sentence Improvements and Corrections
11 Statement and Arguments Quadratic Equations Questions based on Vocabulary
12 Venn Diagrams and Maps Mensuration Fillers and Word/Phrase Replacements
13 Input and Output Probability Reading Comprehension
14 Inequalities (Coded inequalities) Quantity Comparison One word substitution
15 Critical Reasoning Data Interpretations (Pie, Bar, Line Graphs, Tabulation) Sentence Joining
16 Analytical Reasoning Synonyms and Antonyms
17 Data Sufficiency Para Jumbles and Cloze Test
18 Revisions (Both simple and difficult topics) + Mock Test + Previous Years Paper
19 Revisions (Both simple and difficult topics) + Mock Test + Previous Years Paper
20 Rest


As far as time is concerned, we would suggest you to spend at least an hour and half on each of the sections and solve as many questions as possible. However, you may choose to spend more time if you want to. Beside this, spending about half an hour reading an English newspaper daily, especially the editorial section in it will also help you in preparing well for the English section. You may refer to The Hindu, The Times of India or any other English daily as per your wish. Here is a series of English vocabulary based articles.

General tips for preparing for EPFO Assistant 2019:

  • Now that you have fair idea on how to approach your preparation in the last few days, we would suggest that based on your existing preparation you categorize each of the topics across the three sections into Easy, Moderate and Difficult.
  • Once you are done with that, you may alter the study plan as per your convenience by focusing first on the easier topic before moving to the moderate and difficult ones. In case you decide to stick to the aforesaid plan as it is, then you should increase the time in preparing for the difficult topics.
  • Remember that it is important that you follow the Study Plan and take the mock test daily as it will help you in gaining confidence for the exam.
  • While appearing for the mock test you should time yourself. However, in the initial days the focus should be more on solving the complete paper, whereas, in the last ten days you should give the mock tests as if you are giving the actual exam. However, make sure that you solve the paper completely even if you run out of time.
  • Do not get stuck on any question for too long. If you know you can solve the question then attempt and solve it. However, if you find you have got stuck mid-way then mark the question for review later move to the next question immediately. You can always come back to it and solve, in case you have time left.
  • If you are aware of your exam timing, then it would be a good idea to appear for mock test at the same time at which you will appear for the actual exam. This will help you reduce the anxiety and ease out nervousness which you may have on exam day.
  • Do not take any mock test or prepare any new topics a day before the exam. Make sure you have a good rest on that day as this will ensure that your mind is fresh and relax on the day of exam.

Now that you have a Study Plan and some valuable tips for the EPFO Assistant 2019 prelims exam, we suggest that you get started with your preparation without wasting any time further. Do remember, that practicing is more important than learning and so it is important to solve as many questions as possible.

We hope this article was helpful and wish you luck for your exam.

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