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With the EPFO Assistant Prelims scheduled on Jul 30, 2019, there are only 21 days left for the exam. With only 280 vacancies of a government job and a lucrative entry pay of Rs 44,900, there is going to be a really tough competition. You need to put all your efforts towards the preparation of Prelims. In this article, we are bringing to you the preparation strategy you should have for these last 20 days. Following this strategy will surely put you on a better foot.

Evaluate Your Preparation Now

You have been preparing for long, but how good is your preparation going on? How do you rank in comparison to your competitors? What are your weak areas? To be perfectly ready for the exam, you need the answer to all these questions. The Solution: Take a Free Mock Test of EPFO Assistant Prelims now. Not only will it give you a realistic idea of the actual exam, but it will also provide you the answers to all the above questions. The report card which follows once you have taken the Mock Test will also apprise you of the areas you need to improve upon.

Take the Corrective Measures

There will be 3 sections in EPFO Assistant Prelims: English, Reasoning & Numerical Aptitude for which you will be given 20 minutes each. While Reasoning & Numerical Aptitude have 35 questions each, the English section will have 30 questions. You need to analyze that topic in which you are not performing up to the mark in the Free Mock Test you took.

Say you take too much time while attempting Reading Comprehension passages and still unable to answer them correctly. Now that you know that this is your weak area, you need to put extra efforts to improve upon this area. Likewise, you need to scan the other two sections and start putting your best efforts to improve upon them.

Try not to Learn Anything New and Focus More on Practicing

If you have skipped any topic during your preparation, you may give it a try now. But please bear in your mind that this time is perfect for practicing and polishing the skills you already know. Do as much practice as you can during these 20 days and take the time to review your answers. If you are answering too many questions incorrectly, you should stop making guesses. If you are aware of the concept but still need too much time, you probably need to revise your shortcuts & formulae.

Take a Mock Test every alternate day

Mock Tests are the best tool for practice in a controlled environment. With the First Free Mock Test taken, you already know how has been your performance. Now, take the time to review your performance and see which sections are you taking an unusual time to solve. Probably, you need to revise the concepts of those topics and practice more questions.

With 20 days left, it would be ideal if you keep taking Mock Tests on an alternate day basis. This will keep you on the perfect path of practice. But remember that reviewing your performance in the Mock Tests and putting extra efforts to improve your weak areas is equally important.

Wishing you all the best for your preparation!

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