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We are here again easing up the meanings of the editorial discussing the deaths because of the consumption of illicit liquor. We hope you get the sense of these words as used in the editorial. Get to know more such difficult words in our previously-published articles.

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A multi-pronged plan is needed to prevent the sale and consumption of toxic alcohol multi-pronged having several distinct aspects Tech companies and trade groups have waged a furious, multipronged lobbying campaign to

shut down, or at least weaken, the legislation.

The death of more than 100 people to toxic alcohol in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand has exposed the thriving sale of illicit liquor in the region. illicit forbidden by law Many local councils have also cut back on control

work, such as cracking down on the illicit tobacco


The governments in U.P. and Uttarakhand cannot evade responsibility for the death of so many people, the majority of them in Saharanpur district of U.P. Preliminary investigation has confirmed the well-entrenched system of illicit liquor vends that are known to exist in the region; several factories producing hooch in U.P. evade avoid (responsibility) Delegates accused them of evading responsibility

for recent failures.

Preliminary investigation has confirmed the well-entrenched system of illicit liquor vends that are known to exist in the region; several factories producing hooch in U.P. were unearthed within a couple of days of the episode. entrenched established firmly and securely In contrast to white spaces, police are thoroughly

entrenched in the lives of youths of color and the

institutional fabric of their neighborhoods.

hooch An illicitly distilled (and usually

inferior) alcoholic liquor

I took the hint and cut back on the hooch, and

pretty soon the headache faded.

unearthed discover (something kept secret)

by investigation or searching

They have done all they can to unearth the truth.
Moreover, although several liquor-related deaths have been taking place, it took this staggering number of casualties for the authorities to acknowledge the presence of free-flowing illicit liquor. staggering deeply shocking It costs a staggering $50,000 per week to keep

the museum open to the public.

 It has tried to put the blame for previous incidents on political opponents hatching conspiracies. hatching to make a secret plan Have you been hatching up a deal with her?
High taxes and excise raise prices, and cheap brews are peddled by criminal organisations, often in collusion with law enforcement personnel. peddled  Sell (an illegal drug or stolen item) He was arrested after trying to peddle guns.
collusion agreement between people to

act together illegally, in

order to deceive or cheat someone

It is thought that they worked in collusion with

the terrorist network.

An enlightened policy is needed to strike a balance, curbing illicit flows with zero tolerance, discouraging consumption through social campaigns and reviewing levies on less harmful beverages. strike a balance choose a moderate course It’s a question of striking the right balance

between quality and productivity.

levies an act of levying a tax A tax of two per cent was levied on all cargoes.
At the moment, it is essential to make an example of those who participated in the sale of the lethal brew, and investigate any nexus with the authorities. lethal Of an instrument of certain death The snake’s venom is rarely lethal to humans.
Timely treatment through haemodialysis, infusion of sodium bicarbonate and ethyl alcohol can save lives. haemodialysis Dialysis of the blood to remove toxic substances or metabolic wastes from the bloodstream; used in the case of kidney failure MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong says the closure of haemodialysis centres will affect almost 800 patients nationwide.


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